PVV: 43 percent agree fewer Moroccans

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 14:40


Half of all Dutch people agree with Geert Wilders' opinion that there should be fewer Moroccans in the country. This comes from research that the PVV requested pollster Maurice de Hond to carry out.

De Hond polled 2500 people, 43 percent of whom expressed that they would rather there be fewer Moroccan people in the Netherlands. Only 3 percent of the people want there to be more Moroccans.

"These numbers speak volumes, millions of Dutch people are in agreement with me. Wonderful that a majority of Dutch people also think that I shouldn't be persecuted" said a gleeful Wilders in a reaction to the research. The sentiment that Wilders should not be persecuted for his comments is echoed by a 55 percent majority of those questioned. Of the D66 voters, 63 percent do want there to be proceedings.

The poll revealed that the largest chunk of anti-Moroccan Dutch people are PVV-voters: 95 percent. Of PvdA-voters, 27 percent believe there should be fewer Moroccan people. Of the questioned population, a little under half don't care how many Moroccans live in the country. 71 percent of CDA-voters feel that way. None of the Christian Democrats, however, feel there should be more Moroccans.


43% of the Dutch want fewer Moroccans

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014 10:00

At the request of the PVV, the independent research bureau " / Maurice de Hond" conducted an opinion poll into the view of the Dutch regarding the presence of Moroccans in the Netherlands.
No less than 43% of all the Dutch prefer to have fewer Moroccans. Only 3% wants more Moroccans, while 48% does not care how many Moroccans there are in the Netherlands. A majority of the voters of PVV (95%) and of the governing VVD (59%), but also more than one third of the voters of the socialist SP and more than a quarter of the Labour voters prefer to have fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.
A majority of 55% of all Dutch is opposed to a criminal prosecution of PVV-leader Geert Wilders.

Geert Wilders: "The figures are very clear. Millions of Dutch agree with me. It is great, too, that a majority of the Dutch is of the opinion that I should not be prosecuted."



PVV leads in the polls for the European elections

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Thursday, 17 April 2014 17:05

A TNS NIPO poll published today predicts that the PVV, the Party for Freedom of Geert Wilders, will become the biggest party in the European elections in the Netherlands.

According to the poll the PVV is going to win the European elections on 22 May with 18.1% of the votes, followed by the Liberal VVD of Prime Minister Mark Rutte with 16.2% and the liberal-democrat D66 party with 15.7%.
The losers of the European elections would be the Christian-Democrats and Labour.



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