Written questions by the members De Graaf, Beertema and Wilders (all of them PVV) to the outgoing minister of Social Affairs and the outgoing secretary of Education:


Have you seen the article "Roman Catholic schools adapt Easter celebrations"(*)?


Do you share the opinion that it is ludicrous that Christian and Catholic schools in the Netherlands eradicate their own religion and culture by giving in to the demands of Islamic parents and children and their refusal to assimilate? If not, why not?


How many Dutch primary schools betray their Judeo-Christian culture in this fashion?


How many Christian children have decided, in the past five years, to go to another school as a result of the cowardly surrendering of school boards?


Are you prepared to call school boards to account that are guilty of these practices and to make it clear to them in strong terms that they should advance culture rather than abandon it? if not, why not?


Are you, moreover, prepared to make it clear to Islamic parents, who refuse to assimilate in the Netherlands, that they should adapt or else have the freedom to leave the Netherlands? If not, why not?

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