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The Daily Telegraph reports that the decision to ban Geert Wilders from showing Fitna in the House of Lords has sparked a diplomatic row with Holland. In the article the Freedom Party leader tells the newspaper that he was "surprised and deeply disappointed" by the British Government's stance, but hopes this decision serves to help wake people up to the reality of the appeasement policies currently being practiced in the face of islamic threats and bullying.

"I hoped my political friends in Britain were closer to Churchill's policies against threats to the country rather than Chamberlain's appeasement policies.


If they want to put me in handcuffs, a Dutch parliamentarian and party leader, and send me back to the Netherlands, so be it. This might wake some people up to the threat of the influence of extremist bullies who will have won a battle but not the war."

Lord Pearson questions whether Wilders would have been banned from Britain if he had said "Ban the Bible", rather than the Koran. Pearson states that the showing of Fitna wil proceed as plannend, even if Geert Wilders is unable to atend.


Source: Daily Telegraph