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Atlas Shrugs - Wilders to recieve Oriana Fallaci free speech award for Fitna in Italy
Diane West - Lord West of Spithead Should Be Ashamed of Himself
The Telegraph - If Geert Wilders is denied entry to Britain, what of those who oppress Christians?
NRC Handelsblad - Dutch Protest Muted in Latest Wilders Scandal
Radio Netherlands Worldwide - PM lodges protest over UK’s MP ban
Haaretz - Dutch lawmaker banned from U.K. to take anti-Koran film on ‘world tour’
The Scotsman - Dutch MP’s ban a blow to freedom of speech
The Daily Mail - Analysis: Geert Wilders, the bouffant-haired Dutch liberal who turned hardliner
The Telegraph - Banning Wilders plays into the hands of our Islamist enemies

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