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For almost 50 years Dutch mainstream politicians refused to do research into the country’s population change.
But under the pressure of Geert Wilders and his predecessors the current government can no longer ignore the topic and will start an investigation.

Wilders has spoken for several years about the replacement of the Dutch people. He very well understands the influence that non-western migrants and their sharia laws have on Dutch society.

Dutch professor Jan Latten is worried as well: “We see that the like-minded people [people with the same cultural norms]in the Netherlands live together, there’s barely any integration.”

“Recent research shows that young Turks and Moroccan Muslims keep on becoming more orthodox. These youths take more distance from Dutch society,” Latten adds.
A population model, as presented by research organisation Gefira, shows that the Dutch are ‘disappearing’ and will be a minority in a few generations’.

“By the end of this century the native population will be 60 per cent smaller while the overall number of inhabitants will have grown, it follows that the Netherlands will inevitably be transformed into a non-Western country,” Gefira says.

“The Dutch establishment, like all Western ruling elites, wants people to embrace and celebrate these changes. Mathematical facts and the resultant negative consequences for the native population are framed as “populism”, “extremism” or “far right” and regarded as thought crime,” the research organisation continues.

Below is their model that shows how the Dutch will ‘disappear’. A model about Sweden’s population can be found here.


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