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During a two-day parliamentary debate about the Budget Memorandum recently, Geert Wilders submitted on behalf of the Party for Freedom (PVV), a legislative bill pertaining to the ban on certain Islamic manifestations.

Native-Dutch people increasingly feel like a foreigner in their own country. Islam is everywhere: mosques, islamic schools, thousands of veiled women in every city. Entire residential areas turned into islamic enclaves. Supposedly protected by our constitution that gives Islam the right to claim freedom of a religion, Islam is actually out to destroy that same freedom.

Geert Wilders: ‘‘Islam is not protected by our constitution. For Islam is not a religion or philosophy of life, but a violent, totalitarian ideology. Therefore, it can not derive any rights from the Western freedom of religion. Islam is not and never will be compatible with our cherished Judeo-Christian and Humanist values. It is a violent, totalitarian ideology and for that reason, we should democratically ban Islam. This legaslative bill, banning certain Islamic expressions, is the first step. We have to de-islamize!’’

The legaslative bill will be debated in the Dutch Parliament next year, in 2019.