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Mr. court President, members of the Court,

This embarrassing political trial began almost 4 years ago. The public prosecutor decided to prosecute a politician, leader of an opposition party, elected by nearly 1.5 million people, because of his - my - statements on an election night.

The Public Prosecution Office was supported and probably also directed by the cabinet. Of which the members of the Council of Ministers tumbled over each other to speak shame about what the opposition leader had said and enforced persecution.

Declarations were subsequently facilitated and recruited. Preprinted forms were made and brought to the mosque and the Islamic butcher. People put down their signature while they often had no idea what they were signing, but because the police said they did not agree with the statements either. A mayor walked in a festive procession in front with the aldermen and hundreds of Moroccans to file a report. They were welcomed at the police station with coffee and tea, while the brass band played a cheerful tune.

And during the trial, Mr. court President, members of the Court, as before in the Wilders 1 trial, judges were not impartial and were challenged and replaced. It is all too embarrassing for words, For ten years now I have been standing trial, first for making a film - fitna - and again now for just asking a question during an election evening. Madness.

Mr. court President, I am used to a lot and can take a beating. As I said earlier, I have been prosecuted in the Netherlands before and acquitted. Countries like Iran and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Jordan wanted to prosecute me and the President of Indonesia made me persona non grata for the rest of my life.

When I speak in Germany there is preventively a Public Prosecutor in the room who warns me in advance, the British have denied me access to their country and after a few hours of alien detention at the airport, they sent me back - while I had not said a word yet - and in countries such as Austria, a declaration against me is made.

Why does everyone do that? Am I a bank robber or some major criminal. No, they do so because I say what I think and themes like islam and the Moroccan problem because I do not shy away from everything that has to do with it that. And if you do that, you pay a high price. Then you stand trial for years in different cases, in courtrooms, which costs a lot of time, money and energy. It is called legal jihad, Mr. court President.

But the price is not only legal. People also want to kill me. I have lost my freedom for more than 14 years now and I live with my wife in a safe house of the government and I can not take a step without the heavily armed heroes of the police with me. Previously we have lived in barracks and prisons just to be safe.

I am on death lists of terror clubs as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Isis and other muslim extremists. This year alone I have probably filed hundreds, more than a thousand declarations from January to now and have received death threats from within the Netherlands and abroad and recently a fatwa from a Pakistani clergyman who called on Muslims to kill me. A Pakistani muslim who wanted to follow up on this fatwa was arrested in The Hague earlier this year.
I am telling you this because I am actually already a prisoner, my freedom has long since been lost.

But the only freedom I still have is the freedom of speech. And I will not let that be taken away from me. I speak up because I want the Netherlands to remain a free country. That the Netherlands remains the Netherlands. That is why I speak about problems such as the Islamization of the Netherlands, the mass immigration, and yes indeed that is why I also speak about the Moroccan problem, about Moroccans who are overrepresented in just about all the wrong statistics, from crime to benefit dependency and terror.

I will never be silent. I can not and I do not want to. I stand for the preservation of the Netherlands, our identity, sovereignty, culture and our freedom. Silence is capitulation and capitulation is suicide. No one will silence me as long as I can breathe.

I now speak at the end of a so-called directing session. That lasted for three days. I hope that you put an end to this trial and declare the Public Prosecution Service inadmissible. Put an end to this political trial. Stop this charade. And if you do not do that then at least give me the chance to have the dubious and evil role of Ministers in the decision to prosecute an opposition leader, investigated.

Because this whole thing stinks. And the prosecutor’s office, in all its arrogance, wipes away all requests from my defense, all requests, even after the challenge of the previous Court and shows itself again politically colored, not independent, but the minions of the cabinet that wants to have an opposition leader of the then and now convicted. The prosecution has also lied to your court! No consultation between the Public Prosecution and the Minister turned out not to be the truth, there surely was consultation. It was only after research by RTL, only after my own questions of parliament, did the truth come to light.

Power corrupts.

Do not let yourself become their servant.

Honor our requests. They are reasonable and appropriate.

Or even better, do what is fair: stop this absurd trial.