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Written Parliamentary questions of Wilders, De Graaf and Beertema (all PVV) to the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment and the two ministers of Education, Culture and Science:

Have you heard about 'another history forgery in Dutch schoolbook' (*)?

What is the reason behind concealing the most important history of Jerusalem (Jewish history) in the VMBO book 'Plein M'?

For what purpose is a large part of the Jewish history of the Middle East, such as the pogroms and massacres by Muslim Arabs and the expulsion of Jews, as well as the Armenian genocide and discrimination against Christians omitted in the same book?

Do you agree with the history forgery that is committed in the book in question? If so, why and if not, why not?

Do you share our opinion that to conceal, during history and society lessons, the suffering of Jews and Christians in the Middle East - mostly by Muslims - and to conceal the most important history concerning Jerusalem, contributes to the creation of and maintaining a false image concerning Jews and Judaism and thus fosters anti-Semitism in society? If not, why not?

Are you prepared to persuade the schools using the book in question to throw this book in the trash and to ensure that students are taught in a historically correct way about the history of Judaism, the Middle East and Jerusalem? If not, why not?