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Written Parliamentary questions of mr. Wilders MP and mr. De Roon MP (both PVV) to the Minister of Foreign Affairs concerning the increasing aggression by Hezbollah towards Israel:

Are you familiar with the article “Vrees voor actie van Hezbollah/Fear of actions by Hezbollah(*)?

Do you share our opinion that the attack on an Israeli military post by Hezbollah terrorists presents a dangerous and unlawful escalation against the Jewish State of Israel?

Do you agree with us that Hezbollah forms an extension of Islamofascist Iran, with the sole purpose to attack Israel?

Do you share our opinion that the presence of UN-soldiers along the Libanese border with Israel is of no value, when they do not take firm action against the presence of Hezbollah in the border region?

Do you agree with us that the European Union until this day fails miserably by not designating the political branch of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation?

Are you willing to offer aid and support to Israel? If not, why not?

(*) De Telegraaf, 29 juli 2020