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Geert Wilders - Israel has enough enemies, let's show friendship

Open letter about the demonstration of armchair socialists Frits Barend, Anet Bleich and Ronny Naftaniel

This Sunday, a number of Dutch Jews will demonstrate against the plans of the democratically elected government of Israel regarding the division of their Trias Politica.
They will do so at the Jonas Daniel Meijerplein in Amsterdam. The neighborhood and the place from which tens of thousands of our Jewish compatriots have been driven to destruction. A neighborhood that now, some 80 years later, consists almost entirely of non-western immigrants. Many of them will have a lot of sympathy for inveterate salon socialists such as Frits Barend, Anet Bleich and Ronny Naftaniel when they hoist themselves on stage on Sunday to torch Israel.

"Are they afraid that if they don't criticize Israel they will be cancelled?"
Why have they not organized a demonstration against the Islamic regimes in the Middle East, which oppress their own people and, inspired by the barbaric prophet Mohammed, preferably drive the Jewish people into the Mediterranean from Tel Aviv tomorrow?

Where does that revolting need, which smells of self-loathing, come from with so many Dutch Jews? Is it out of bitter guilt? Because not they, but others are building up that beautiful land of Israel. Or are they afraid that if they don't criticize Israel enough they will be cancelled? Or do they have the false illusion of getting sympathy in this way when the Jew haters sooner or later show up at their door: “But I was in Amsterdam at the demonstration against Israel?”.
Demonstrations against the plans of the Israeli government are also being organized in Israel itself. A sign and proof of a mature democracy and well-functioning civil society.
"The Israeli people decide in the Jewish state of Israel what should happen"

But the demonstration of a group of Dutch Jews this Sunday against Israel has nothing to do with that. These Jews do not live in Israel. They don't pay taxes there. They don't build that country. They and their children do not defend that country, do not have to do military service there, and do not pay the price of the ongoing Islamic conquest aggression. Their daughters are not blown up by Muslim terrorists. Here in the Netherlands they benefit from Western freedoms and achievements and let their brothers and sisters in Israel take the hot chestnuts out of the fire, as we say in Dutch. But they will demonstrate against Israeli politics on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam. Those virtue signaling people.
We do stand unconditionally behind every democratically elected government of Israel. Because the Israeli people decide in the Jewish State of Israel what should happen. That's how it is in a democracy. Neither one-sided leftist guilt nor progressive self-loathing should determine the assessment of Israel. But on the contrary, respect for the only democratic light in a region of deep-dark Islamic totalitarianism, oppression and violence.

"Let's show Friendship"

As Dutch parliamentarians, we will always do everything within our power to ensure that Israel remains the strong independent and democratic Jewish state that it already is.
Israel already has enough enemies. Let's show friendship.

Authors Gidi Markuszower and Geert Wilders are members -respectively chairman - of the parliamentary Party for Freedom

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