Buon Giorno Amici,

Thank you for inviting me to Padania.
I am here today at this important conference to pay my respect to your party, the Lega Nord and your leaders Maroni and Salvini.
My friends, 2014 is going to be a crucial year. We are at an historic point in history.

In the European elections next May, we will stop the undemocratic monster in Brussels. Lega Nord is fighting for its independence from Rome and is striving for an independent Padania, we are fighting for our independence from the monster called Brussels. In Europa we are all Lega Nord!

The EU project has failed. The euro has failed. We have paid billions for the South. We are no longer in control over own money, our national borders, our budget, our laws and immigration. But I came to Torino with good news:

Next May we will say, the people wil say:
No more. Enough is enough.

We are proud of our identity and culture. Our countries heritage is Judeo-Christian and not Islamic. I say: no more Islam, no more sharia, no more mosques, no more imams, no more immigration from Islamic countries.

Let us work together:
Together with other democratic parties we have to make a stand against the monster in Brussels. Democratic parties all over Europe – parties such as mine, parties such as yours, and as many parties as possible such as the Freedom Party in Austria, the Vlaams Belang in Flanders, the Front National in France and I hope a lot more parties from different Europeans countries, should work together.

Let's fight for our sovereignty, for Padania, for France, for Flanders, for The Netherlands and for other countries.
We say No to mass immigration and no to islam. We say Yes to our identity. We say Yes to our country,

Yes to our liberties, Yes to our traditions. Yes to our sovereignty.

And we are no longer afraid. The people are no longer afraid.
We are no extremist, no racist, no xenofobes, we are true patriots.
And that is why I call upon you:

Dont be afraid, do your duty, help us to turn 2014 in the year of liberation.

Our people love their own country. Not Brussels.
We have to protect out identity, civilization and sovereignty.
We have to stop the Islamization of our continent and the free world

Viva Lega Nord!
Viva Padania!
Viva Olanda!