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Enough is enough: ban the Koran

I have been saying it for years: there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam’.

Those who refuse to believe this should read the text of a speech by the Italian writer Oriana Fallaci (who, unfortunately, died last year), which she held in New York on November 28, 2005, when she was awarded a prize for her heroic resistance against Islamofascism and for her battle for freedom:
“Moderate Islam does not exist.And it does not exist because there is not such a thing as Good Islam and Bad Islam. There is Islam and that’s all. And Islam is the Koran. Nothing but the Koran. And the Koran is the Mein Kampf of a religion which has always aimed to eliminate the others….which calls non-Muslims infidel-dogs, meaning inferior beings. Read it over, that Mein Kampf. Whatever the version, you find out that all the evil which the sons of Allah commit against us and against themselves comes from that book.” (Oriana Fallaci, The Force of Reason, post-script, p. 305, February 2006).
Ehsan Jami is such an infidel dog, a renegade Muslim who had the courage to declare that the prophet Mohammed was a criminal and that certain passages from the Koran are totally backward. And who got it into his head to defend other dissenting infidels, and actually founded a committee for that very purpose. Allah rules that dissent should be punished by death. Last Saturday this almost became a reality when Jami, the unbeliever, was beaten up and seriously injured by two Moroccans and a Somali.
Enough is enough. Let’s put an end to all this politically correct twisting and turning. It’s all very well and good that Jami now has the protection he deserves, but it is a disgrace that it took so long and that the root of the problem has not been eliminated. The root of the problem is fascist Islam, the sick ideology of Allah and Mohammed as laid down in the Islamic Mein Kampf: the Koran. In this regard, the texts from the Koran speak for themselves.
In various suras Muslims are summoned to oppress, prosecute or kill Jews, Christians, renegades and non-believers, to beat and rape women and to establish a worldwide Islamic state through violence. I’ve lost count of the number of suras that incite Muslims to spread death and destruction.
Why don’t we ban that miserable book? After all, we also decided to ban Mein Kampf! This would bring the message home to those who assaulted Jami and to other Islamists that in this country the Koran should never, absolutely never, be used as a source of inspiration or an excuse for violence.
Politicians in this country fill me with shame. I am ashamed of their naivety and of their sickly search for a utopian moderate Islam, that would create a hell on earth in this country. And I am also ashamed for all those in the Cabinet and the Lower House of Parliament who simply refuse to put an end to this invasion of the Netherlands. I am deeply ashamed of Dutch politicians who, day in and day out, accept the over-representation of immigrants in our crime statistics as a fact of life and fail to come up with an answer.
The Hague is a lair of cowardice. It is full of scared people who were born as cowards and who will die as cowards: people who think that Dutch culture is, or should be embedded in a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition. People who are prepared to grant a blanket pardon to liars and criminals. People who turn a blind eye when homosexuals are beaten up, as now occurs on an almost daily basis. People who actually propose to introduce Sharia mortgages.
People who are prepared to talk to representatives of the terrorist Hamas movement. People who render services to the dictatorial King of Morocco. Who accept extremists of the Muslim Brotherhood as their discussion partners. Who do not object when Muslim men refuse to allow their wives to be treated by male doctors. Who simply ignore the interests of Dutch citizens and collaborate in the transformation of the Netherlands into Nether-Arabia, as a province of the Islamic super-state of Eurabia.
I am fed up with Islam in the Netherlands: let’s put a stop to the influx of Muslim immigrants. I am fed up with the worshipping of Allah and Mohammed in the Netherlands: let’s put a stop to the building of mosques. I am fed up with the Koran in the Netherlands: let’s ban that fascist book.

Geert Wilders, MP, Chairman of the Party for Freedom

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