Geert Wilders is in Rome today, where he will be granted the Oriana Fallaci Free Speech Award. He will be presented with the award during a conference on “Islam & Free speech” that is being hosted by the “Associazione una via per Oriana”. The Freedom Party leader will address the invitees and show his film Fitna. Wilders, who was barred from entering the country by British authorities last week, entered Italy without any trouble this morning.

The writer and journalist Fallaci, who passed away in 2006, was known, among other things, for her criticism of Islam. She considered Islamism to be a form of fascism. As is the case with Geert Wilders, Fallaci's Islamic opponents and their leftist enablers actively sought to have her prosecuted for her criticism of Islam.

A newly prepared Italian version of Fitna can be downloaded here:

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