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Geert Wilders: ‘‘Asylum seeker: “I want The Netherlands to become a Muslim country, because Islam is great”.



Geert Wilders visiting Ter Apel

 Geert Wilders visiting Ter Apel, supporting the people of this small Dutch village with 10.000 inhabitants AND 2.000 Muslim refugees and lots of crime; people are desperate and demand a full stop of (Islamic) asylumseekers, mostly young men who entered our country from Germany or Belgium and should be considered illegal immigrants instead of asylum seekers and must be stopped at our national borders.


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The Truth about Muhammad

Geert Wilders: ‘‘I receive thousands of death threats from Muslims in the name of the Prophet Muhammad. But who was he really?

The truth about Muhammad in 30 seconds. This Thursday on Dutch TV Channel NPO1, 5.55pm.’’


Mufti Jalali repeats his fatwa against Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders: ‘‘Mufti Jalali repeats his fatwa against me in a video published yesterday and also calls on Dutch Muslims to kill me. I hope the Dutch government publicly distance themselves from this and the counterterrorism department do their job because it's getting very unpleasant now.’’

Geert Wilders: ‘‘The Dutch Public Prosecutor will prosecute and subpoena cricket player Khalid Latif from Pakistan who put a price on my head to kill me in 2018. They will ask for his arrest and extradition as well. I hope Saad Hussain Rizvi and mufti Jalali who put a fatwa on me will be next!’’


Geert Wilders - Israel has enough enemies, let's show friendship

Open letter about the demonstration of armchair socialists Frits Barend, Anet Bleich and Ronny Naftaniel

This Sunday, a number of Dutch Jews will demonstrate against the plans of the democratically elected government of Israel regarding the division of their Trias Politica.
They will do so at the Jonas Daniel Meijerplein in Amsterdam. The neighborhood and the place from which tens of thousands of our Jewish compatriots have been driven to destruction. A neighborhood that now, some 80 years later, consists almost entirely of non-western immigrants. Many of them will have a lot of sympathy for inveterate salon socialists such as Frits Barend, Anet Bleich and Ronny Naftaniel when they hoist themselves on stage on Sunday to torch Israel.

"Are they afraid that if they don't criticize Israel they will be cancelled?"
Why have they not organized a demonstration against the Islamic regimes in the Middle East, which oppress their own people and, inspired by the barbaric prophet Mohammed, preferably drive the Jewish people into the Mediterranean from Tel Aviv tomorrow?

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